$9 Cut Rolls at Temaki Bar Sushi

$9 Cut Rolls at Temaki Bar Sushi

What’s better than the freshest sushi you’ve ever had in San Diego (or ever?!)? We’re about to tell you: the freshest sushi ever, and at $9 for an eight piece cut roll. Sounds like you can’t beat that! All you have to do is assemble your crew, join the waitlist, and we’ll bang your food out to order (the way it should be).


So without further adieu, let’s get into the cut rolls that we’re currently offering on our menu at Temaki Bar Sushi

Cut Rolls at Temaki Bar Sushi

Our cut rolls, like the rest of our sushi, sashimi, and nigiri, are made to order and served across the bar so they can be enjoyed at the optimal flavor and texture! Our eight piece roll combos start at $9, and dipping sauces are two for $1.


Moonlight – Spicy Tuna, Shisho, bubu Arare


Lobsta Queen – Lobster, Crispy Onion


The Kook..aka Cali – Krab, Avocado, Cucumber


The Lilith – Avocado & Cucumber


West Coast Philly – Salmon, Cucumber, Everything Spice, Vegan Cream Cheese


The Buddha – Tempura Sweet Potato, Organic Tofu, Hon-Shimeji Mushrooms


Dipping Sauces – Yuzukosho, Temaki Spicy, Spicy Mayo, Ponzu, Eel (two for $1)

And while we have you here, we’re going to try to tempt you with some of our Mochi Ice Cream. We say “try” but we won’t have to try that hard. All you have to do is look across the bar and see somebody else enjoying it, and that’ll be enough to have you sold on our light, yet decadent treat ranging from vanilla, to strawberry, to mango, to green tea. You can’t go wrong with Mochi Ice Cream as a palate cleanser before hitting the town!

Fresh, fast, and the talk of the town!

The reviews are “rolling in,” and the verdict is out. Temaki Bar Sushi is making waves, and we can’t wait until you stop by and see what the hype is about for yourself! Temaki Bar Sushi is synonymous with San Diego Fresh, and tasting is believing!

About Us

Literally translating to “hand roll,” Temaki Bar celebrates the tradition that all perfect hand rolls should be eaten within seconds of the chef passing them across the counter — while the rice is still warm and the fish, fresh and chilled.

In keeping with tradition, Temaki Bar’s hand rolls are prepared counter-side and made-to-order, highlighting the freshest seafood featuring blue crab, yellowtail, salmon, and more.

Temaki will celebrate traditional sushi-making with Chef Jojo Ruiz, local veteran chef and San Diego native at the helm. Ruiz began his career as a sushi chef and is heading back to those roots, with the added bonus of his seafood sourcing and sustainability practices that earned him recognition with the James Beard Foundation as a Smart Catch Leader.

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