Happy Hour at Joya Kitchen

Happy Hour at Joya Kitchen

Happy Hour at Joya Kitchen


Happy Hour: the two most beautiful words in the English language. And what’s there not to be happy about? The sun is shining, the work day is done (hopefully… but if you sneak in, we won’t tell anybody!), and if you’ve got $10 on you, you’re off to a great start! But most importantly? At Joya Kitchen, we do it right, so you actually have a four hour window to pop in, or just make an afternoon out of it. So what do you have to lose other than a couple of hours to great conversations and healthy lunch in the La Jolla district? Sounds like a no-brainer to us. Let’s get into the details.


What do we need to know? 


Happy hour at Joya Kitchen runs from 3-7 pm, but we stop serving food at 6pm. You also heard us correctly on the pricing. Happy hour pricing tops out at $10, but can be as low as $5! While reservations are not required, it’s better safe than sorry. When in doubt, you can secure a spot on our reservations page for peace of mind.


Tell us about the specials? 


Who said you can’t have both quality and quantity for the right price? Our bites start at $5, and top out at $10 during happy hour. So whether you want to share some garlic fries, or chips & guac with the table, or indulge in something heartier like our Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Bowl or Grilled Baja Shrimp Tacos, we’ve got the spread. Who said that happy hour fare couldn’t make for a late healthy lunch?


And of course, it wouldn’t be happy hour without a libation by your side. House Cocktails like our Passion Margarita, Island Matcha, or Winter Whiskey drinks are available for $10. If beer is more your speed, for $6 you can kick back with a cold Pacifico or Thorn Street IPA. For $7 we have wine offerings ranging from brut, to red, to white.


See our full menu for our whole list of offerings, and always be sure to check with your server to see if there are any daily specials as well.


You owe it to yourself


The work week is hard. Even if you love what you do every day, it’s always a good idea to put in some downtime, grab a bite and a couple of drinks, and let loose for a little while. It doesn’t matter if you’re pregaming for a big night out, or simply winding down before turning in for the night. Joya Kitchen offers a unique and healthy spread of food for your enjoyment. If you’re ready to start the weekend right, we’ll be here waiting for you!


About Joya Kitchen 

Joya is a contemporary, approachable restaurant serving organic farm-fresh menu items, daily specials, and delicious salads, sandwiches, and pressed juices. The restaurant space will also feature a variety of versatile and functional indoor and outdoor spaces, presenting itself as the ideal location for private and corporate events—from weddings and birthdays to meetings, reunions, and more.

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