Our Fish

Handrolls have been a mainstay of Japan culture and cuisine for centuries, and Temaki Bar Handroll & Sake honors that history and tradition.

At Temaki, we offer only the finest and freshest fish, all of which is hand selected and inspected by our lead sushi chef — we are able to accomplish this through our decades of working directly with fish markets and local fisherman. Temaki sources only the freshest and most sustainable fish for its delicious and refined handrolls, sushi rolls and nigiri. When it comes to the quality of our blue crab, yellowtail, salmon and the rest of our catch, we leave no stone unturned and no fish market unmanned. We aim to give our guests the perfect sushi without cutting corners or taking the easy way. In our kitchen, things are done the old school way, just as they in Japanese gambling dens where handrolls first originated well over 100 years ago.

Temaki is an experience, with sushi artists preparing made-to-order, counter-side masterpieces wrapped in seaweed in front of guest’s very eyes, giving them the chance to view the art that is high-end sushi rolling and flawless fish cutting. If a handroll isn’t perfect, it will never make its way to the guest’s plate.

From the Japanese rice we source from farmers to the sauces we prepare in house daily, Temaki uses superior products, all of which are noticeable in our flavors. We know the journey each of the our products made before finding their way onto a plate. Simply put, we don’t compromise on quality. While many other sushi are fine with sushi and handrolls that are “good enough,” that doesn’t make the cut at Temaki. Sushi and handrolls are a morning, noon and night passion for us.

Proper sushi should be cherished and romanticized and unvarnished. At Temaki, sushi is more than that: It’s a labor of love.