Private Events at Joya Kitchen

Private Events at Joya Kitchen

Events are always a hassle, aren’t they? These days it’s hard enough to just get everybody to meet on the same day, let alone coordinate an entire function. Sometimes it’s best to invite the guests, and let us take care of the rest. With our private event offerings, we’ve taken out the guesswork, and addressed the pain points that you might be worrying about. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, conference, cocktail party, 75th birthday, 30th wedding anniversary, College Graduation, or whatever other celebration that needs high-level accommodations, we’ve got you covered. Joya Kitchen will not only satisfy your appetite with a healthy lunch but accommodate for wireless presentation. If you can think it up, we can coordinate with you to make your private event seamless and memorable for everybody involved.


What spaces are available? 


Our full listing of available spaces can be found on our private events page, but let’s start with our most popular.


Two ballrooms


Two is always better than one, and here’s why: it’s better to have and not need, than need and not have. If you need space for up to 200 people, we are able to accommodate by merging our two ballrooms to make a single cohesive space for every guest at your event. But while we’re here, let’s talk about the specs for a single ball room.


Each ballroom can fit: 100 people theater style, 72 people classroom or u-shape style, or 70 people with round tables. It all really depends on your needs. And if you’re talking to or presenting to all these people, you’re going to need a little bit of help. In the best interest of meeting every single need, you’ll be equipped with a state of the art sound system, as well as wireless presenting capabilities.




The days of the stuffy old “bored room” are long gone. We know how boring meetings can be, so we’ll keep this one quick and high level: our boardroom can seat 15 people, but if you’re coming with a bigger crowd than that, we can use banquet seating for an additional 8-10 people.




We’re not saying that ballrooms and boardrooms aren’t exciting, but if you’re looking for some royal treatment, and a day of fun and games, then the courtyard is probably your best bet. Whether you’re throwing a corporate event and want to work on some team-building activities, or you’re just getting together for a family reunion in the name of fun, you’ll be happy to know we’re equipped with games such as foosball, ping pong, cornhole, and spike ball. That list isn’t all inclusive, so make sure you contact us to get the full spread!

Well, what are you waiting for?


We all know that the worst part about private events is all of the work that goes into it. You have other things to worry about, so why not let Joya Kitchen take care of the rest? If you book your next event with us we’ll take out all of the guest work, from what space is ideal to the food being served. Let us focus on the logistics, while you focus on what’s important to you.


About Joya Kitchen 

Joya is a contemporary, approachable restaurant serving organic farm-fresh menu items, daily specials, and delicious salads, sandwiches, and pressed juices. The restaurant space will also feature a variety of versatile and functional indoor and outdoor spaces, presenting itself as the ideal location for private and corporate events—from weddings and birthdays to meetings, reunions, and more.

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