Eat Here, Live Forever.



Temaki Sushi

Literally translating to “hand roll,” Temaki Bar celebrates the tradition of all perfect hand rolls being eaten within seconds of the chef preparing them— while the warm rice is perfectly complemented by the chilled, fresh fish.

In keeping with tradition, Temaki Bar’s hand rolls are made-to-order right at the sushi bar, highlighting the freshest cuts of seafood featuring blue crab, yellowtail, salmon, and more.

Chef Jojo Ruiz, long-time local chef and San Diego native, takes traditional sushi-making to the highest level at Temaki with amazing seafood sourcing and sustainability practices that earned him recognition with the James Beard Foundation as a Smart Catch Leader. Beginning his extensive culinary career as a sushi chef, Chef Ruiz has finally headed back to his roots, and his expertise speaks for itself.