Course by course at Temaki (San Diego Sushi)

Course by course at Temaki (San Diego Sushi)

Whether you’re passing through town for business or pleasure, or looking for a new regular sushi restaurant in the San Diego and La Jolla area, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Or should we say water? Puns aren’t our strong point because we’re always focused on the sushi. And can you blame us? We take sushi to a new level, and there are so many ways you can enjoy the fruit of our work that we wanted to break it down for you. Handrolls aside, we’ve got Sashimi and Nigiri offerings as well!


If you want to meet with friends for some drinks, we’ve got you covered with Sake, Beer no Tap, as well as Wine from the barrel. Our full menu has a lot to say, but we’re going to give you the crash course!


Sometimes a quick lunch is all you have in store for your day, and who’s to stop you from trying some of our starters? Sometimes all you’re looking for is something light like our cucumber salad with rice vinegar, soy, lemon, and sesame seeds. But if you’re looking for some crunch in your lunch, then you’ve got to try our Crispy Bang Bang Shrimp with Gochujang Mayo, and Scallion! 

Roll Sets

Our rolls range from 3-6, so no appetite is too small or big. The smaller portion gets you started with salmon, yellowtail, and spicy shrimp, but if you’re feeling a little more ambitious (and hungry!), our six hand roll plate boasts spicy tuna, lobster, and California rolls. There’s something for everyone.


Sashimi / Nigiri

Sashimi is a seafood dish served on its own, featuring meticulously sliced fish paired with soy sauce. Nigiri is a selection of sliced fish placed on sweet and salty vinegared rice, occasionally featuring seaweed or wasabi.


The following selections can be made for you in either style: king salmon, yellowtail, striped sea bass, albacore, bluefin tuna, bluefin tuna toro, and uni.


Cut Rolls (8 piece)

Our cut rolls come in eight piece servigns and start at $12. Let’s break it down for you:


575 – spicy tuna, shiso, bubu avare


The Townie – lobster, caviar, crispy onion


Hans & Frans – protein roll, crab, tuna, salmon


The Kook – cali, crab, avocado, cucumber


Billy the Kid – Avocado & Cucumber


Trader Joe – Salmon, everything spice, cashew cream cheese


If all of this is making you thirsty…

What’s sushi with friends without a couple drinks? We serve sake from the barrel, and the bottle, and we have a great selection. And nothing washes down a flight of rolls better than a crisp and citrusy IPA from our beer tap. But if you’re thinking white or reds, be sure to ask your server what barrel wines we’re serving, and we’ll be sure to have a perfect pairing in no time.


About Us

Literally translating to “hand roll,” Temaki Bar celebrates the tradition that all perfect hand rolls should be eaten within seconds of the chef passing them across the counter — while the rice is still warm and the fish, fresh and chilled.

In keeping with tradition, Temaki Bar’s hand rolls are prepared counter-side and made-to-order, highlighting the freshest seafood featuring blue crab, yellowtail, salmon, and more.

Temaki will celebrate traditional sushi-making with Chef Jojo Ruiz, local veteran chef and San Diego native at the helm. Ruiz began his career as a sushi chef and is heading back to those roots, with the added bonus of his seafood sourcing and sustainability practices that earned him recognition with the James Beard Foundation as a Smart Catch Leader.