Shishito Peppers at Rosewater

Shishito Peppers at Rosewater

Our Executive Chef Joe Zanelli at Rosewater Rooftop made it a goal to offer all of our wonderful guests variety in the shareable dishes he created. After all, variety is the spice of life, so today, we would like to feature a pepper that we have all grown to love…the Shishito Pepper!  Rosewater offers “Blistered Shishito Peppers” on our “night” menu accompanied with tosazu miso, togarashi crunch, and fresh lemon. You have probably ordered this pepper many times over, but while eating it, have you ever wondered about the history and benefits of this incredibly tasty (and healthy) dish? As lovers of all things food, we sure have, so let us tell you! 


All About Shishito Peppers


Shishitos are small, mild peppers from Japan. Their flavor is sweet and slightly smokey, not spicy—but watch out! One in ten shishito peppers will be HOT. (Have you been the person at the table to get that sneaky one?? Milk please!). Many chili peppers offer a large range of heat from pod to pod due to the amount of capsaicin produced during growing. Capsaicin is a chemical irritant for mammals, and it’s the chemical that causes the burning sensation (that some of us spice lovers crave!). Their great flavor is where shishito peppers make up for their near total lack of heat. You can eat them raw, but we like ‘em hot and blistered! 

Shishito Pepper Benefits


Eating shishito pepper is not only enjoyable for the tastebuds, but they are actually wonderful for you too! These peppers are rich in antioxidants which help to lower your risk of heart disease and aid in fighting free radicals that can lead to cancer. They are also packed with fiber which helps with, well, you know, and they contain vitamin C, B6, and vitamin E, and calcium – all which help to support your immune system and your bones! So eat up! 


Here at Rosewater, we have lighter fare cold plates, featuring sharable items such as yellowtail crudo, hamachi tostadas, and spicy tuna over crispy rice. But now that we are into Fall months, you may be equally intrigued by our hot plates! So come and try out our Shishito Pepper dish and impress all your friends with the fun facts you just learned! Add some lemon for a flavor boost and voila, happy chili eating to you all! 


These peppers are making me thirsty!! (Seinfeld anyone?). If so, pair these delicious peppers with one of our many creative cocktails, wine, beer, or bubbly! Start with the peppers and end your delightful evening feasting on one of our many savory dishes! 


Learn more!

Are you as obsessed with chilis as we are? We recommend checking out the “Chili Eating” episode on Netflix’s show “We are the Champions.” Watch people battle to eat the world’s spiciest chilis and see if you think you could compete like the pros! 


About Rosewater

Rosewater Rooftop is a premier dining area with a lounge and pool situated atop The Ray hotel. We offer various dining options, including an elegant dining area with tropical modern decor, calming muted colors, and lovely macrame wall hangings. Come for a relaxing, elevated dining experience and enjoy global street cuisine with loved ones while sipping one of our signature cocktails. 


Our Chef!

Our Executive Chef Joe Zanelli is a graduate from the prestigious New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. He has worked in kitchens across the country from San Francisco to Manhattan, including multiple establishments that were awarded the coveted three-star honor by the New York Times. In late 2018, Zanelli teamed up with the Clique Hospitality Team in Las Vegas as the executive chef of Greene St. Kitchen at the Palms Resort & Casino, which was awarded best new restaurant the following year.