Temaki San Diego Sushi is Making Waves!

Temaki San Diego Sushi is Making Waves!

Now that we’ve been open for a while, the reviews are “rolling” in. It’s one thing to see a press release, or for us to “talk the talk,” but since opening in November, our customers are doing the legwork for us, and they have nothing but positive things to say about Temaki Bar San Diego Sushi! It’s a five star experience all around.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about Temaki Bar Sushi!


These are real reviews from customers who have decided to give us a try, and they certainly are glad they did! 

  • Sushi was great! Perfect place for get together a and socializing. 10/10 will be back
  • New favorite sushi place to go to after work! Chef Sebastian makes the best recommendations
  • Food. Ambiance. Staff. 10/10 Absolutely making this my local spot. Order the spicy tuna crispy rice!!
  • All I’m going to say is get the SCALLOP HAND ROLL. I wish I had just got 5 of them. The texture can be described as clouds.
  • The menu is quite different from most sushi spots. You can choose 3, 4 or 5 hand rolls, single hand rolls, sashimi, or cut rolls. We did the 4 hand roll choice and it did not disappoint. Each roll (albacore, yellowtail, salmon & shrimp) had crispy nori and tasted so fresh. The sauces and flavors of each are unique. I ordered an additional toro hand roll and my friend a scallop roll. There wasn’t one thing we did not like. They offered us a choice of soy sauce or tamari which is great. The staff was very friendly and helpful with answering our questions and the prices are great! Run, do not walk to this spot before it gets its due recognition and the wait becomes long!

So what are you waiting for?

You’ve heard the buzz, so if sushi is your thing, then you’ve got to taste it for yourself. We’re going to keep doing our thing, because it seems to be working! We hope to see you soon, so you can see what we truly mean when we say “sushi is life.”

About Us

Literally translating to “hand roll,” Temaki Bar celebrates the tradition that all perfect hand rolls should be eaten within seconds of the chef passing them across the counter — while the rice is still warm and the fish, fresh and chilled.

In keeping with tradition, Temaki Bar’s hand rolls are prepared counter-side and made-to-order, highlighting the freshest seafood featuring blue crab, yellowtail, salmon, and more.

Temaki will celebrate traditional sushi-making with Chef Jojo Ruiz, local veteran chef and San Diego native at the helm. Ruiz began his career as a sushi chef and is heading back to those roots, with the added bonus of his seafood sourcing and sustainability practices that earned him recognition with the James Beard Foundation as a Smart Catch Leader.

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