5 Reasons Temaki has the Best San Diego Sushi

5 Reasons Temaki has the Best San Diego Sushi

You should all know by now that San Diego is a great place to visit and try out different coastal cuisine and sushi spots. With great options comes great responsibility, so we wanted to give you a refresher on why you should bump Temaki Bar Sushi to the top of your list (because, let’s be real here, you’re going to want to come back several times!

Our starters are the best way to start your evening!

Our starters are great on their own! Whether you’re just pregaming, and want something light, or you’re just not quite ready to conquer a full sushi roll set. We’re here to help with great small plates that will satisfy your hunger, and make you want to come back for a full flight next time! 

Our Sashimi and Nigiri hits just right!

Sashimi is a Japanese dish of thinly-sliced raw food, usually fish and seafood, but also sometimes other meats. On the other hand, Nigiri sushi is that familiar style of sushi made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice with a slice of (usually) raw fish on top. The word nigiri comes from the Japanese nigirizushi, which translates as “hand-pressed sushi.”


At temaki, we boast a large selection of different fish for both our sashimi and nigiri. These options include: salmon, yellowtail, striped sea bass albacore, eel, shrimp, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna toro, uni, and specialty (ask your server).


There are so many great choices to pick from, that you’re going to need to come back and try them all!


Our waitlist system guarantees that you’ll only have the freshest hand rolls in San Diego

We know that waiting for your spot is probably your least favorite part about getting dinner with friends, but since freshness is the name of our game we wanted to let you know that we appreciate your willingness to let us do what we do best! We want to let you know that our hand rolls are well worth the wait, and we hope you’ll be joining us soon!


Temaki Hand Roll Sushi Sake does not take reservations. We permit guests to put their name on the online waitlist up to an hour and ½ prior to their expected arrival. The online waitlist can be accessed via our website.


Totally fun Sushi Bar Atmosphere

We prepare your food fresh right in front of you, and it’s meant to be enjoyed within moments of being served. Add some Sake to the mix, and you’ve got a quickly served meal with the highest quality ingredients so you can get back to enjoying the atmosphere and the company that you brought with you.

Stellar reviews

We’ve highlighted this previously, but we are a new establishment, and doing our very best to bring you a unique and delicious San Diego sushi experience that will have you coming back for more. It seems like we’re doing things right because our reviews have been so overwhelmingly amazing. If you don’t believe us, then you need to stop by and see for yourself. Don’t miss out on the best San Diego sushi experience you could ever have! Whether you get on the waitlist or order to go, you will not be disappointed in the quality that we strive to deliver at Temaki Bar Sushi!


About Us

Literally translating to “hand roll,” Temaki Bar celebrates the tradition that all perfect hand rolls should be eaten within seconds of the chef passing them across the counter — while the rice is still warm and the fish, fresh and chilled.

In keeping with tradition, Temaki Bar’s hand rolls are prepared counter-side and made-to-order, highlighting the freshest seafood featuring blue crab, yellowtail, salmon, and more.

Temaki will celebrate traditional sushi-making with Chef Jojo Ruiz, local veteran chef and San Diego native at the helm. Ruiz began his career as a sushi chef and is heading back to those roots, with the added bonus of his seafood sourcing and sustainability practices that earned him recognition with the James Beard Foundation as a Smart Catch Leader.

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